Resurrection LIFE Church, with “Love In Full Expression” as its middle name, is a fellowship of Christian believers in Rome, NY who desire to express God’s love in word and deed.  With a variety of ministry groups and many activities offered, there is a place for everyone to get involved!


We gather as people from different cultures, backgrounds, ages, and stages of LIFE, in our daily journey to know God and make Him known!

Through our developing commitment to love God and people... not just tolerate each other... we will become the kind of church community described in the Bible! A community where relationships are BUILT and where they LAST, through relevant teachings, heartfelt worship, honest friendships, prayer and compassionate service. 

We want this to be a place where "ordinary" people do extraordinary things, experiencing abundant LIFE through their exceptional relationship with a LOVING God Who is developing His LOVING people!


To become a God-loving community, growing in Christ's maturity, reaching our society with LIFE for Eternity!


We believe that God's plan is for everyone to have a fulfilling and abundant life! This LIFE comes from HIM and is experienced as we come to KNOW Him and GROW in our daily relationship and trust in Him, and show His LOVE in our relationships with others. 

We are here to help people to know God who is love and who loves all people. 

We are here to help people grow in His love in LOVING relationship with Him & His family as we live LIFE together in community, by celebrating and encouraging each other in our everyday lives.  AND by partnering in teams to fulfill HIS purposes and plans, in our families, church, and community!

We are here to help people show God's love to the world He LOVES, through giving ourselves to Him and His plan, using the gifts, resources, and opportunities He gives us as we relate with and serve others. 


Pastor Jeff & Deb Heck
Senior Pastor

Pastor Gabe & Judy Alvarez
Executive Pastor

Lynn Frei
Children's Ministry Director, Elder

Jeremy & Becky Roberts
Youth Ministry Directors

Mickey Reed
Administrative Assistant, Elder

Dennis Sandberg