Cub Hut Nursery

The Cub Hut Nursery ministers to children ages six weeks until their third birthday. The Nursery is divided into an INFANTS side and a TODDLERS side. Children in the infants’ side are showered with as much love and attention as possible with stories, songs and individual interaction. Toddlers are shown God’s love through more structured activities including praise and worship, story time, and Bible lesson or craft.


On your first visit, you are asked to fill out the attached registration form. Please be specific about any special instructions or allergies. On each visit, you will sign your child in and receive a vibrating pager enabling us to page you if needed. Please keep the pager on your person so you’re sure to feel it vibrate.


Please provide a diaper bag with diapers, a bottle if needed, and a change of clothes. Each child’s diaper is checked at least once prior to the end of the service. Please label all belongings prior to checking in your child. There are labels available at check-in.


Infants will be held as they are fed the bottle you’ve provided. Toddlers will receive apple juice and goldfish crackers or an occasional special treat. It is imperative to alert the staff of any food allergies!


A rocking chair and folding screen for privacy are available on the infant side of the Cub Hut. Please make use of it at any time during the service.


Once your child is properly signed in and you have received a bracelet, please leave your child with the volunteer at the door. It is best for your child if you leave quickly and do not return until pick up time. Please do not enter the Cub Hut unless asked to do so by staff. Doing so upsets the children and violates our security policy. Rest assured we will page you if your child cannot be consoled. We will not let a child cry for more than five minutes.


After the service, you, or an authorized adult (16 years or older) whom you designate, will present the pager for pick-up of the child and sign the child out. In consideration of your child and our staff, please be prompt in having your child picked up after service.


It is our desire that every child remain in good health. We ask you to adhere to the health guidelines posted on the Cub Hut door. They are enforced to protect all children. Procedures are in place to provide a clean environment, and every attempt is made to prevent the spread of germs.


The Cub Hut Nursery is open during both Services on Family Worship Sunday (the last Sunday of the month) when older children stay with their families in the sanctuary during Praise & Worship and Communion.

Please Note: The Cub Hut Nursery is open for all Holiday Services.


Specific adult/child ratios have been set in the Cub Hut to provide the best possible care for your children. To maintain these ratios one element is essential -


We encourage you to consider serving in this rewarding ministry! For further information on how to become a part of the Rez Kidz Reign Forest Children’s Ministry, please call the church office at 315-339-6318. 

We are blessed your family has chosen to worship with us!


Wendy Bird
Nursery Director

Lorie Mahl
8:30AM Assistant